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Category: Goals

Prolific Overthinking, Progress Roundups, and Starting Sticky Practice – TART07

Finally another session of TART has arrived after much machinations. Scott explains why he was having so much trouble with his podcast editing goals and his success with Wolf Garden.
There’s updates on all our goals, and Scott starts sticky practice. This has nothing to do with his sticky fingers after eating his birthday cake.

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Don’t Feed The Seagulls, or Marry Matt, or Join a Band with Scott – TART05

Circus (the song you heard in this episode) has an animation video on

Fancy buying a copy? It’s on all the stores, or you can pick what to pay here:

The band are on Facebook. This is where Scott is currently testing the
water with less traditional content to see what works, so expect some
fairly funny stuff and many epic fails:

If you really really want to (actually, make that “have to”) you can
write to TMH using and one of them will
probably remember to check it eventually.

The mix engineer on the album was DANIEL BERGSTRAND of DUGOUT Productions

Still got that ear worm from Inner Sanctum stuck in your head? Check it out on Inner Sanctum on Youtube

Inner Sanctum Entertainment on Facebook

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Mixing Meantime, Making Erotic Fiction and the Long And Winding Road to Bootcamp – TART02

It’s time to get your listening ears on, cause here comes the second session with the TARTs. Scott is slowly coming around to headphones and Matt is creating some scary good erotic fiction. Satauna and Garth do a reasonable job of pretending that their fails are actually successes. Want to get in touch?

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Meeting The TARTS – TART01

One runs their mouth for a living, and another helps people look like they love their job. Someone thinks their old band sucks and that they should tell them exactly why, and the other one just wants to be regular. Welcome to the TARTs.

Session One Links

Hail Spraytan by Anova Skyward
Satauna Howery
Matt McLaren Music

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