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The Audio Round Table

Dec 24, 2018

Matt explains his obsession with high hats, Scott has so many reasons and Satauna, well she’s as lovely as usual, but still no Windows on her Mac.

Dec 6, 2018

Scott has some good news to share, yes, we were surprised as well, and Matt’s made some progress with OBS. The others attempt to ignore their goals, however we start exploring Satauna’s workflow with brail for getting her voice-over work done.


ReaperAccessibility Wiki

Nov 1, 2018

It’s time to get your listening ears on, cause here comes the second session with the TARTs. Scott is slowly coming around to headphones and Matt is creating some scary good erotic fiction. Satauna and Garth do a reasonable job of pretending that their fails are actually successes. Want to get in...

Oct 15, 2018

One runs their mouth for a living, and another helps people look like they love their job. Someone thinks their old band sucks and that they should tell them exactly why, and the other one just wants to be regular. Welcome to the TARTs.

Session One Links

Hail Spraytan by Anova Skyward
Satauna Howery
Matt McLaren Music

Sep 18, 2018

Coming soon, your monthly glimpse into the livelihoods and minds of Satauna Howery (a pro voiceover artist), Matt McLaren (a studio owner), Scott Chesworth (a capricious procrastinator), and, well, Garth.