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The Audio Round Table


Once upon a time, in a city far, far away (London), a lowly audio producer by the name of Scott Chesworth realised that he was in dire, DIRE need of some accountability. He had thumbs in many pies (more thumbs than is healthy for one man to have access to really), but - despite the numerous avenues open to him - he found himself being struck down daily by analysis paralysis. FYI, those avenues were/are mixing music (mostly metal), accessibility advocacy (making it easier for blind folk to use technology) and writing (mostly comedy). When TART first started, he had just shy of fourteen zillion half finished projects and not a single finish line in sight. Quite the quagmire. So, he reached out to some friends for help, because - as that old adage goes - a friend in need is a friend indeed, but three friends who know how to get shit done is better.

Enter the TARTs:

Satauna Howery is a full-time voiceover artist from Upstate New York. She's voiced literally everything from indie games through to behemoth brands. Someone once said "and then there's Satauna, it's kinda like she was shot out of a canon" - they weren't wrong.

Matthew Mclaren is a full-time musician and producer based in Newcastle, Australia. He writes awesome cinematic music to spec from his project studio, plays more covers gigs than seems humanly possible, and has moments of brilliance where he comes dangerously close to being the wittiest host. You might've seen him and his dog on the telly, but he doesn't like to talk about it.

Garth Humphreys is a data nerd by day, podcaster by night. He podcasts from a granny flat on the Gold Coast. Garth rules the roost with a velvet-gloved fist. More importantly, he makes sure the wheels don't fall off this thing.

Each month, the TARTs get together, chat about the challenges they're currently facing in their respective careers and set themselves a goal. On subsequent shows, they play the fruits of their labour, go deep on what the creative process turned out to be and talk about what they've learned.

Once in a blue moon, Scott brings a guest on to help him in the noble pursuit of talking over Matt.

And that's it, basically.

We do the show because it's useful for us, but we hope it'll be useful for you, too.

BTW, we're blind, but you don't have to be.